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Frequently Asked Questions

SnapYourEvent automatically creates a Google Photos album for you and generates a poster for your event. Your guests can scan the QR code (or go directly to the Google Photos link) to view and upload photos to the album. Everyone with the link can join and collaborate to document every moment of your event.

You can always do the steps manually by creating your own Google Photos album, choose the right settings to make it shareable, then find the URL to generate a QR code. By signing in with Google, we communicate through Google's API to automate those steps. One click, we create the album with the right settings, and we generate a sweet QR code poster.

Google Photos has over 1 billion users across all major platforms including web, Android, and iOS. For any random gathering of guests, it is the most inclusive choice.

By using this site, you authorize us to manage your one Google Photos album temporarily. We use this authorization to create one new photo album in your Google Photos account. Then we set the photo album to shareable. The authorization is immediately revoked afteward. We do not collect or store your data at all. The shareable URL is sent directly from Google to your web browser, and the QR code and poster are generated locally on your computer alone. At no point does SnapYourEvent see any of your data. You can read more about our privacy practices in our Privacy Policy.